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Robert Molinari and Anne DeGheest

Over the last 30 years, MedStars (Anne DeGheest and Robert Molinari) has specialized in starting and developing disruptive life sciences companies with new innovative and revolutionary products. Our markets include medical devices, healthcare information systems, health related consumer products and biotechnology. We also have worked with some of the leading medical and biotech companies to help them develop and launch their own breakthrough products.

Our Mission

MedStars enables entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of building important and disruptive life science technologies and businesses.

As hands-on mentor capitalists, MedStars brings to early stage healthcare companies the financial, the technical, and business expertise needed to get them off the ground. MedStars work closely with the management to prove technical and market feasibility, develop sound business models, attract permanent senior management and bring in angel or venture capital financing. MedStars acts as hands-on team member for large corporation to define their expansion strategy and help execute the tactical implementation including M&A activities

Impact Stories

Life Science companies we have helped start have raised over $500 Million of venture capital and have created over $15 billion in market capitalization. Check our list of portfolio companies.

Medical Devices

  • MedStars reshaped the business strategy of a new breast cancer diagnostic start up to focus its new revolutionary ductal lavage procedure on high risk patients for early market acceptance. As a result, the company modified its product development and regulatory process and was successfully acquired two years later for over $167 Million.
  • MedStars refocused the product development and strategy of a new revolutionary brain monitoring company. The hands-on implementation of the new business plan facilitated several rounds of venture capital, market leadership in the anesthesia market and an IPO in 2000 and an acquisition in 2009 for $210 Million.
  • MedStars helped develop the sales and marketing launch program of a new revolutionary and disruptive sterilizer technology in the operating rooms for a new division of a large corporation. This system is now the market leader and a very significant business.
  • MedStars was an early advisor to the founder and CEO of a new vital sign monitoring company. The company went public in 2007 and had a market capitalization over $8 Billion in 2019.

Health Information System

  • MedStars turned around a drug dispensing start up by modifying the concept and product design to improve nursing satisfaction and decrease medication errors in hospitals. This led to the creation of a huge market, an IPO and an ultimate acquisition for $1 billion.
  • As active hands on-mentor capitalist and then, founding VP of marketing, Anne DeGheest grew sales from zero to $50 million in three years for an early-stage start up in automated point-of-use management systems for medical supplies. The company went public in 2001 and had a market capitalization over $3 Billion in 2019.
  • MedStars worked closely with the two founding physicians from Johns Hopkins Hospital to refine their original telemedicine concept to monitor remotely patients in the Intensive Care Units. As an investor, MedStars was part of the initial group of angel investors. The company went public in 2006 and was acquired for $440 Million in 2008.

Consumer Health Products

  • MedStars led the first angel investment into the world’s first composite and electronic spectacle lens company and worked with the founders in developing the business plan, raising several rounds of venture capital and bringing in a major corporate investor and partner.
  • MedStars led an angel investment into a new wellness consumer company with vital signs sensor in wearable textile. The company was successfully acquired 13 months later by a leading sports apparel manufacturer.
  • MedStars was an active advisor to the two founders and seed investors of a new skin tightening company in the aesthetic industry. The company went public in 2006 and was acquired in 2013 for $250Million


  • MedStars worked closely with the founders of a new commercial sequence identification using mass spectrometry by writing their first business plan. MedStars introduced the founding scientist to a leading academic genomics investigator who assisted in developing the technology, and later joined the company as a co-founding Chief Science Officer. The company went public and has become a leading molecular diagnostics company.
  • MedStars advised the founders of a spin off in the DNA chip industry and helped them write their first marketing plan for DNA chip use in diagnostics and infectious disease. MedStars also assisted them in developing patent enforcement strategies for its DNA chip, and was instrumental in defending patent infringement claims against a large competitor. The company is now public.
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