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pdf   Roundtable: Medtech Funding and Investment
(PDF, 68KB)
pdf   San Jose State University: IP and entrepreneurship
(PDF, 582KB)
pdf   Solvay Business School (French, page 29-34)
(PDF, 976KB)
pdf   Hans Bugl, et. al. DNA Synthesis and Biological Security,
Nature Biotechnology, vol. 25, No.6, 6/2007

(PDF, 171KB)

Selected publications

  • Patents (4) assigned to Raychem Corporation in the area of rubber and plastics materials.
  • Book Chapter — Electrophoresis, 6th Edition, ed. Andreas Chrambach, — Novel HydroLink Polymer Gels for Electrophoresis of DNA (Elsevier, in press).
  • Contributor to The Future of Pharmaceuticals, Health Care Horizons, The Institute for the Future, 2001.
  • Contributor to Mapping Transformations in Health Technology, Health Care Horizons, The Institute for the Future, 2002.

Downloadable articles

pdf   What Do Mentor Capitalists Do?
(PDF, 113KB)
pdf   The Picture of Health
(with critical-care specialists in short supply, remote monitoring offers a high-tech solution)

(PDF, 113KB)
pdf   Seven Key Questions to Screen Investment Opportunities for Angel Groups
(PDF, 108KB)
pdf   Three Areas of Focus in Angels Due Diligence
(PDF, 39KB)
pdf   Modified Berkus Method to set angel valuation
(PDF, 56KB)


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