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Anne DeGheest, Mentor Capitalist, on The Frank Peters Show
by Anne DeGheest
17 November 2010

Anne DeGheest was interviewed on the Frank Peters Show about her track record as a mentor capitalist at MedStars and about her new angel group and ecosystem, HealthTech Capital, that fund new companies trying to improve healthcare cost and empower the patients.

 Angels bring more than money; we've all heard that claim before, but Anne DeGheest has great results to show from her efforts mentoring entrepreneurs.  

Anne's HealthTech Capital works "in a space where companies use technology to improve health but don't need FDA approval". That streamlines the process and reduces costs to get products to market.

Does it work?
Is it a fruitful area to focus on? I'll bet you can guess her reply."

Please listen to the recording.



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