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Healthcare Technology Innovation Boom
by Anne DeGheest
08 June 2011

Anne DeGheest was a speaker on May 18, 2011 in Palo Alto at the SDForum on Healthcare Technology Innovation BoomWatch the video below

This high level symposium took a critical look at how technology- and business model-innovation is changing the health care industry (US, global) and what key issues and risks need to be confronted next. Advances in information technology will be critical to the effective and economic delivery of health and wellness care. While access to vital information is essential, how (and to whom) that information and care are delivered, the way providers are compensated, and options for patients to manage their health and wellness are changing the industry. In Silicon Valley, a globally recognized heartland of innovation in technology, what's happening to respond to the industry's challenges and the changes? Who are the emerging leaders and how will tomorrow's healthcare information technology sector differ?


Panel Discussion: "The Venture Landscape"
   Rebecca Lynn, Morgenthaler Ventures
   Anne DeGheest, Medstars
   Alex de Winter, Mohr Davidow
   Casper de Clercq, Norwest Venture Partners
   Moderator: Derek Dowsett, Moss Adams


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