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MedStars is Attending JP Morgan and OneMedPlace Conferences the week of January 11, 2010
by Anne DeGheest
11 January 2010

It’s a big week for healthcare and healthcare startups the week of January 11 to 14 in the San Francisco Bay Area. As it has for many years, the JP Morgan Healthcare conference is in town, and it attracts nearly all of the large investment bank, venture and private capital going into healthcare company investments, not to mention nearly all the major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare IT companies.

In fact, numerous receptions and satellite conferences have sprouted up around town based solely on the accumulation of key healthcare professionals in town. Anne DeGheest is an advisor to the new OneMedForum 2010 conference that hosts private medical device companies and small public companies.

Anne DeGheest and Bob Molinari, MedStars General Partners, will be attending both the JP Morgan and OneMedPlace conferences, and have a fully booked schedule of meetings with startups and investors. Several MedStars portfolio companies will be presenting at the conferences and meeting with investors. These meetings often become the introduction of new portfolio companies to MedStars, fund raising efforts by existing portfolio companies as well as a source of life science industry information.

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