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MedStars and HealthTech Capital invest in Niveus
by Anne DeGheest
27 July 2011

For the last 2 years, I have been mentoring Brian Fahey, the founder of Niveus who is now closing on a $2 Million series A from major angel groups. 

My angel group, HealthTech Capital, played a key role with our members investing directly over $500,000. By sharing our due diligence with other angel groups, we helped in creating a powerfull value add syndicate.

Brian Fahey is an amazing new type of entrepreneur as  he developed a medical device prototype and tested it in 85 people... with only $250,000 in seed money!  Fahey, who invented a device to preserve muscle mass and strength in intensive care-unit patients, formed Niveus in 2008, raised seed funds from medical-technology entrepreneur Thomas Fogarty in 2009, and further seed capital from Altos Venture last year. Check the Wall Street Journal story.

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