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Allylix has developed proprietary technology to produce a group of natural products called terpenes at low cost. In nature, terpenes are produced by plants in minute quantities to serve a number of different functions. Some are flavors and fragrances, while others are anti-fungal and anti-viral and still others are insect repellents. Because of this, terpenes have significant commercial value to the flavor and fragrance, insect repellent and pharmaceutical industries. Despite their significant commercial value, historically terpenes have been under exploited because they are too costly to produce with existing technology. Allylix's proprietary technology platform allows it to cost effectively produce a broad range of terpenes using yeast biofermentation methods.

Dr. Molinari led the Life Science Angels investment round in Allylix, and joined the Board of Directors as a Board observer. The highly successful round started with a syndication of a Tech Coast Angels terms sheet, that then attracted additional angel capital and a strategic corporate VC under the angels’ terms sheet. As a Board member, Dr. Molinari assisted the company in identifying both operating and financing partners as the company grew from research to revenue stage.

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