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Lypro Biosciences, Inc.

Lypro Biosciences, Inc. is a specialty biopharma company whose technology addresses the adverse effects arising from the insoluble nature of certain hydrophobic drugs. Lypro’s proprietary technology is based on lipid-based targetable, self-assembling, Nanodisks™. Incorporating drugs into the highly stable and water-soluble Nanodisks™ holds the promise of increased efficacy, lower doses, and reduced incidence and severity of side effects compared to current formulations. Lypro Biosciences has proof-of-concept data with Amphotericin-B, a highly effective, but highly toxic system fungal drug, in which the Lypro NanoDisks outperform both the native form of the drug and a liposomal formulation in efficacy and/or toxicity.

Bob was elected to the Board of Directors of the company and mentors the founders and first-time CEO through the early stage of company development. After the company acquired compelling proof of principle in highly predictive (of human outcomes) animal models, Dr. Molinari positioned and led the first round of angel financing of the company. As an ongoing Board member, he continues to advise the CEO on the development of the development and financing strategy for the company.

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