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Sequenom, Inc.

Sequenom develops innovative technology, products and diagnostic tests that target and serve discovery and clinical research, and molecular diagnostics markets. The company's proprietary MassARRAY® system is a high-performance mass spectrometer-based DNA analysis platform that efficiently and precisely measures the amount of genetic target material and variations therein . The system is able to deliver reliable and specific data from complex biological samples and from genetic target material that is only available in trace amounts. The company has exclusively licensed intellectual property rights for the development and commercialization of noninvasive prenatal genetic tests for use with the MassARRAY system and other platforms.


Dr. Molinari consulted with Sequenom’s founders on writing the first business plan based on commercial sequence identification using mass spectrometry. He then introduced the founding scientist to a leading academic genomics investigator who assisted in developing the technology, and later joined the company as a co-founding Chief Science Officer. Sequenom went on to go public, and became a leading molecular diagnostics company.


I’ve worked with Bob for what must be two decades now, and his passion for commercializing very early stage biotechnology remains undiminished. His success record is also pretty enviable.

— Charles R. Cantor, CSO and Co-founder of Sequenom, member of the National Academy
of Sciences, co-founder of the US Human Genome project.

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