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Singulex, Inc.

Singulex, Inc. has pioneered technology that can quantitatively detect single molecules such as proteins and metabolites in complex biological samples. The technology extends the dynamic range of any immunoassay by orders of magnitude, allowing drug developers to use biomarkers to measure drug efficacy, safety and disease progression. The Singulex "Molecular" Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) Test improves patient care by being the first test to characterize normal and elevated levels of cTnI, a protein important for detecting onset of cardiovascular diseases.


Dr. Molinari was approached by the founding venture investors in Singulex and asked to develop an opportunity assessment and go-to-market strategy for the company. Bob recruited an expert partner in single molecule detection, organized a two-dozen company road show to highlight the technology to both instrumentation and molecular diagnostics companies, and generated enthusiasm from both investors and clients to re-engineer the technology for molecular diagnostics applications. Dr. Molinari then helped recruit an experienced CEO, Dr. Philippe Goix, who further refined the strategy to detect biomarkers at orders of magnitude higher sensitivity. Under Dr. Goix, the company has raised significant new venture capital, set up a commercial CLIA lab to market its first tests, and has successfully partnered with multiple pharmaceutical companies.

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