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Aspect Medical is recognized as a pioneer and global market leader in brain monitoring. Aspect’s premier product — Bispectral Index™ (BIS™) technology — became the first clinically proven and commercially available direct measure of the effects of anesthetics and sedatives on the brain. BIS technology has been proven to reduce the risk of awareness with recall during surgery, facilitate faster wake-ups with less recovery time and reduce anesthetic use. The company's core BIS technology is supported by approximately 3,300 published studies undertaken to assess its efficacy and utility. BIS technology has been used to assess approximately 34 million patients and is utilized in the operating room (OR), intensive care unit (ICU), and a range of other settings where sedation is given. Approximately 80 percent of the best hospitals with operating rooms in the U.S (U.S. News and World Report) and 74 percent of all domestic operating rooms use BIS technology. In 2009, BIS technology was used in approximately 19 percent of all U.S. surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia or deep sedation. In addition, BIS technology is available in more than 160 countries.


When Aspect Medical was founded in 1987, Anne DeGheest invested and worked closely with the two founders. She was instrumental in helping them raise venture capital, developing the business model and product development strategy of a new brain function monitor now used by anesthesiologists worldwide. Aspect medical went public in 2000 (NASDAQ: ASPM) and was acquired by Covidien in 2009 for $210 Million.

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