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Masimo is a global medical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative noninvasive patient monitoring technologies, including medical devices and a wide array of sensors. A key medical technology innovator, Masimo is responsible for the invention of award-winning noninvasive technologies that are revolutionizing patient monitoring, including Masimo SET® pulse oximetry, Masimo Rainbow SET® Pulse CO-Oximetry and new Masimo noninvasive and continuous total hemoglobin (SpHb™) monitoring technology. Masimo Signal Extraction Technology, or Masimo SET, provides the capabilities of Read-Through Motion and Low Perfusion pulse oximetry to address the primary limitations of conventional pulse oximetry. Pulse oximetry is the non-invasive measurement of the oxygen saturation level of arterial blood, or the blood that delivers oxygen to the body’s tissues, and pulse rate.


Shortly after Masimo was started in 1987, Anne DeGheest was an advisor to the founder and CEO of Masimo regarding business model and marketing strategy for this second generation pulse oximetry. Masimo went public in 2007 (NASDAQ: MASI) and has estimated revenues over $300 million in 2009

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