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PolyRemedy, Inc.

PolyRemedy, Inc., is a privately-held manufacturer of robotic and information systems for the fabrication of custom made dressings for chronic wounds.  The innovative PolyRemedy system produces customized wound dressings, measured to fit the wound size and shape. They are fabricated with the precise material composition necessary to optimally treat the wound at its exact stage of healing and throughout the healing process.The system is also designed to enable the capture and monitoring of wound treatment data with the potential to help evaluate costs, refine clinical protocols, and demonstrate evidence-based improvements in wound management.


Anne DeGheest was a hands-on advisor and investor. She worked closely with the executive team in developing the business model, refining product development, working with regulatory and reimbursement authorities to get the company ready for market launch.


Anne has been a very valuable extended member of our team as we have navigated through the challenges of developing our initial business plan, pursuing and securing funding, developing our customer acquisition, regulatory and reimbursement strategies and adjusting our plans in response to customer/market feedback. Her knowledge, experience, network of contacts and direct input along the way, have been very beneficial to me and the Company.

— Dan Eckert, CEO, PolyRemedy, Inc.

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