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The patented eICU® care model sets the stage for systematic changes in ICU care. An intensivist-led eICU®-based care team located apart from the hospital, works in concert with onsite ICU clinicians. The eICU® facility does not house patients or replace the hospital ICU. It operates like an air traffic control center staffed 24/7 with experienced specialty physicians and seasoned critical care nurses who are networked to multiple ICU patients across a health system by voice, video, and data. The eICU® team executes predefined plans or intervenes in emergencies when a patient’s attending physician is not in the ICU. Proprietary technology used in the ICU improves physician workflow and enables clear communication between the ICU and eICU® facility.


Anne DeGheest worked closely with the two founding physician from Johns Hopkins Hospital to refine their original concept to a scalable product business model. As an investor, she was part of the initial group of angel investors into the company. Visicu went public in 2006 and was acquired by Phillips Medical for around $440 Million in 2008.


Dear Anne, as a co-founder of VISICU, working with you during the early days of our company was both rewarding and enjoyable. Your health care experience and advice were extremely helpful as we planned our strategy and your contacts during the road show prior to our IPO were also beneficial.

— Brian Rosenfeld, VISICU Co-founder, acquired by Philips

During the time period that we were trying to raise startup funding for VISICU, Anne provided advice and encouragement, and introduced us to multiple people that helped us refine our business model. She was generous with her time and friendship. We will always look back fondly at that time, and Anne was an important part of the experience.

— Mike Breslow, VISICU Co-founder, acquired by Philips

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