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MedStars has a proven track record of working closely with the management team of its portfolio companies to identify and build large disruptive life science business.

We specialize in transforming new technology ideas into highly desirable products with strong sustainable market leadership.

For Start Ups

Services for start ups

MedStars acts as hands-on mentor capitalist to bring to early stage healthcare companies the financial and business expertise needed to get these start-ups off the ground. We work closely with the entrepreneurs to prove technical and market feasibility, develop sound business models, attract permanent senior management and bring in angel or venture capital financing.

We are active investors and part of two angel groups:

Check our impact stories and portfolio companies.

  • Business Architect
  • Disruptive Market Innovator
  • Mentor
  • Team Builder
  • Fund Raiser (Angel and Private Investors, Venture Capital, Corporate Investors)

For Investment Firms

Services for investment companies

MedStars works closely with an established network of investment firms to identify potential home-run investments and to provide the hands-on operating skills needed to unlock their true potentials. Check our impact stories and portfolio companies.

  • Deal Flow
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Architect
  • Team Builder
  • Turn Around Executive

For Large Companies

Services for large companies

Our unique combination of visionary strategies and creative tactical implementation allow us to quickly diagnose, prioritize and resolve key challenges facing large companies. Check our impact stories and portfolio companies.

  • Strategic Advisor
  • Business architect
  • Mentor internal division start ups
  • Intellectual Properties
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Contact Us
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