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Digital Health summit, June 21, 2014

Anne DeGheest | 21 June 2014

WSJ: Beware of Health IT Bubble: Not Enough ‘Actual Business Plans’
Veteran VC Says Beware of Health IT Bubble: Not Enough ‘Actual Business Plans’

Timothy Hay from the Wall Street Journal  wrote a great article after he interviewed me.
With software executives filling out the roster at this year’s JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, and with the reported IPO plans of medical cost-transparency software provider Castlight Health at a $2 billion valuation, information-technology for the health-care industry is beginning to look nearly bulletproof as a sector. But with feverish activity and high valuations comes the danger of a bubble, said veteran investor Anne DeGheest, who was an investor and entrepreneur through the tech boom of the 1990s, and who founded Sand Hill Road firm HealthTech Capital several years ago.


Ms. DeGheest has invested extensively in medical devices and in health-related information technology, and she said she learned in the ‘90s to read the signs of an economic bubble. She sees some of those signs today, telling Venture Capital Dispatch of a potential “Series B crunch” as a number of health entrepreneurs without solid business plans try to raise money from investors.

Anne DeGheest | 05 February 2014

Will Digital Health succeed? Any lessons from the Dot Com eHealth failures?

HealthTech and Digital Health investment doubled in 2013 to over $2 Billion. However, over 73% went to seed and series A investments, with still a flat amount of deals funded by venture capitalists at the series B and C stages. Are we going to see a growing funding crunch for all these young companies or will we see increasing VC investments?

Will the Digital Health movement succeed? Any lessons from the Dot Com eHealth failures?

With new digital health accelerators opening doors weekly across the country, are we running the risk of another Dot Com like “Bubble”, when too many companies got started with poorly defined business models and an over exuberance of early seed capital that led to a terrible funding crash that killed most of them, including several very good ones?

Anne DeGheest | 02 February 2014

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