Mentor Capitalist


Working within your team, we help you navigate the challenges of building new business: prioritizing early stage milestones, developing and proving market driven value proposition, building organization, designing clear vision with actionable plans. 

Business Architect


 Through an iterative process, we help reshape or refine the value proposition, market targets, business model, product development strategy and regulatory path  to develop an actionable operating plan. 

Market Innovator


 We specialize in creating new businesses with value pricing that disrupt existing markets. In addition to traditional patents, we craft new business models into strong and sustainable barriers of entry. 



 We work closely with entrepreneurs to prove technical and market feasibility, develop sound business models, attract permanent senior management and access to angel and venture capital funding.



 As strategic advisor,  we collaborate with business development and operating divisions, to quickly diagnose, prioritize and resolve key challenges facing large companies. 

Investment Firms


Anne DeGheest runs Healthtech Capital, an ecosystem of angels and corporate venture firms. In addition she works with  leading investment firms to identify potential home-run investments and to provide the hands-on operating skills needed to unlock their true potentials.